Small Break

I’ve had to take a break from all the stuff I had planned. The stress from revisiting my childhood story caused me some pretty bad health issues that in turn caused me some pretty bad physical side affects, needing medical intervention. I’ve needed some personal time to shut my mind off. I’ve been spending my [...]

June Update

Warning: mention of child sexual abuse, kidnapping, mental health So stuff happened and everything feels weird now! Last year in the beginning of the pandemic I was contacted by some people that wanted to hear my story. Last week I was finally able to sit down with them and talk about it all. I won’t [...]

How to make: Elder Scrolls Double-Baked Potatoes

This video is a little different. It’s video footage I was able to salvage from the flooding that forced us to leave our apartment. With this one, I’ve also been able to find two other recipes I made from the Elder Scrolls cookbook and I’m hoping I can persuade the data to give me enough [...]