First Week Back to School

I still can’t believe it’s real. After 7 years of being unable of going back, I’ve already done four assignments and have my first exam next Friday. This year has been absolutely unreal. I’m glad that I needed to take a second part to my original anthropology course. The discipline has changed a lot in [...]

A Poem for the Child I Was

My therapist suggested I write a letter to the little girl I used to be, as a way to reconnect and process the guilt I feel about not living up to the ‘potential’ I’ve always felt I’ve wasted. This is what I came up with after a lot of avoidance and crying. It’s really simple [...]

Small Break

I’ve had to take a break from all the stuff I had planned. The stress from revisiting my childhood story caused me some pretty bad health issues that in turn caused me some pretty bad physical side affects, needing medical intervention. I’ve needed some personal time to shut my mind off. I’ve been spending my [...]