Adventures in Amateur Photography

When I decided to embark on this semi serious hobby of nature photography I had this abstract idea in my head that it would be a great way to get me out of the house, help me exercise, and force me to flex my long ignored artistic muscle I know I have but am always too lazy to use.

I had visions of sand in my shoes, as I trekked through lush tropical vegetation, lizards scampering out of my way. Butterflies dancing through the sun kissed breeze. All to get perfect shots of Floridian sunsets.

Occasionally stopping to spray myself with fifteen gallons of mosquito spray.

While it didn’t quite turn out that way (except for the bug spray), the reality of what a photographer’s real job, of a what an artist’s real job, actually is when the fun is over with set in after about three weeks of adventuring into the wilds of family barbecues at national parks. Which is to say, downloading, editing, and sorting through all the little gems I had accumulated on my secondhand camera.

By the way- DO NOT delete photos out of hand. Blurry ones, sideways ones, whatever. Don’t delete them. You never know how nice they are until you are sitting face to face across a keyboard. I mean, there will be some you will delete with extreme prejudice. Trust me. But don’t do it until you see what they look like on your computer screen.

So, here I am still learning. And I am still learning. The learning never really stops. Looking at other people’s work. Seeing how light angles affect your camera’s focus. Making your husband drive down the Palmetto so you can take pictures of the bridges through the windshield. Hey, I wasn’t driving, so it’s allowed.

Also please don’t take pictures while driving. Please don’t make me actually have to say that because you’re the type of person who would do that. No. Do not. Bad.

I actually started taking pictures with my Iphone before I bought my camera. I still take photos with my Iphone for my social media and my skincare business. I had to replace the phone I did a lot of my research on in the beginning of the project, so a lot of the articles that I first used to choose the camera I am using now were lost with it when it was stolen. I can tell you that I made my decision to buy a Kodak EasyShare for a few reasons, other than the price.

I like how the images on my cellphone camera come out, and the camera on my Iphone 6sPlus is an 8 pixel. The EasyShare is a 12 pixel, which is what the Iphone 7 is, and I’m pretty comfortable with that being my starting point as a beginner. I can already see that the photos are a quality that I really like on my phone, and I’m learning. I don’t really want to purchase a $600-800 camera and not have this hobby succeed enough that I would not even be able to make enough of a return to cover the cost of that expense. 12 pixels suits me just fine for where I am right now. And If I get to a point where I can save up enough money to get a 16 pixel $200 camera from the money I make from this hobby, then I will go ahead and spend it. But as of yet, all I have been doing is spending, and sweating. Those 16 pixels are still far from my grasp.

I also like that it doesn’t have an internal battery. It takes 2 AA batteries. I cannot tell you how many expensive cameras I have had over the years, received as gifts or otherwise, that I have had to throw away because their internal batteries go bad and it’s more cost effective to throw them away and buy a new one than to have them replaced. It’s frustrating and wasteful.

I lucked out, as it happens, because at the time I stumbled over exactly what I wanted, in my favorite color, in an amazingly cheap price, on Amazon. I don’t usually buy secondhand electronics, but I knew that I could return it to Amazon if there was anything wrong with it, and with the added benefit that my husband is an engineer and could give it a once over as soon as I received it to make sure it worked properly. It works beautifully!



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