While others rang the new year in with a glorious bang and a fresh start, my new year began a little differently.

It began with the pitiful yowls of a fat kitty put on a diet.

Now I love my cat, as any proper fur mommy would, and I’d give my kidney to make him happy. But the boy is the size of a human toddler. And while he’s been the sweetest to me since I came home from the hospital, we knew we had to do something about his weight when he started shredding the bed sheets with his claws because he was too heavy to fully jump onto a bed that had been lowered for a brain surgery patient to get into comfortably.

I’ve never seen such a miserable kitty! He sits in front of his food bowl forlornly, staring at it, as if the food will magically appear. He steals his sister’s food if we aren’t watching. He pretends to give us cuddles all in the name of getting more food out of us. It’s an incredibly pathetic sight to see. But we support him as much as we can with affection and the occasional treat. He’s not a fan of the outdoors so exercise is not something he willingly does. We just basically have to work with him at his own pace.

I have no idea if the diet is working. But I think he just stole his sister’s food again. I can see him cleaning his whiskers. Whoever thinks animals are easier than kids have never met my cats!

Happy new year everyone!!! ❤️

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