Blog Plans 2018

I had some pretty ambitious plans for my blog last year, and I learned the hard way that brain surgery don’t give diddly squat about delusions of a chic blogging lifestyle full of tasteful photos of sunsets and mochachinos.

This year is going to be hard for me. Surgery is one thing. But learning how to live with a one foot scar on the back of my head and neck that I need to cover when I go out into the sun or it blisters and I bleed for a week (I learned this the hard way as it’s already happened), as well as trying to get my body back from a painful 13 week recovery process. I have limited range of motion to my head still, and am still unable to drive. So for the past three months I’ve been stuck at home slowly losing my mind, but with medical restrictions on my physical activity that haven’t helped, honestly.

So, as I work toward getting back to a semblance of normal, I’ve come up with some ideas of what I can do that can keep me occupied.

For Christmas I was given a family recipe book. I thankfully have my mother’s family’s recipes saved. My great grandmother even published her own cookbook in the south before my mother was born. But my Cuban family? All those recipes died with my grandmother. She never wrote anything down, and everything she cooked were dishes her mother had made. When I unwrapped that gift, it suddenly hit me that so much of the memories of my grandmother and of my time spent with my family were tied to food and holiday cooking, and I had none of those recipes to relive those moments or pass them on to anyone. So my new project this year will involve a little bit of culinary archeology, and a lot of cooking. I’m definitely planning on sharing the experience here, so I hope you guys are hungry!

Not that this will turn into a cooking blog. I don’t have that much energy, or money! Yikes! I’m still pretty much at the beck and call of the MRI machine and whatever doctor/specialist needs to hook me up to a machine this week. And I’m definitely going out into nature as soon as I’m given the go ahead! You can’t keep me from taking those endless photos of the Florida skyline. And cats. And whatever geeky thing I need to rant about. Thanks for sticking around and letting me be weird!

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