Hello February!

I ring in my birth month with two realizations!

I really am goddamn old (someone save me, oh god).

And- I have to shut down my store.

I’ve been fighting it for a while (the shop thing, not the age thing). The hurricane damaged our roof and very impolitely shoved a palm tree right into it. The guy that came out to assess the damage to fix it was amazed it hadn’t just ripped off. That being said, water damage SUCKS. It took my entire product line and ingredients, damaging some of my tools too. It caused me thousands of dollars in damage just to my small online business alone. Don’t ask about the roof. It went into the five digits and I think my mother in law is still unconscious in the background somewhere.

So it’s time to just let go. Another failure on my plate. Yay failure! My favorite. I don’t even feel bad anymore. Hurricanes don’t want me to succeed at handmade lotions and bath bombs, ya’ll. There’s gotta be some majorly awesome joke or something majorly poetic in there somewhere because DANG. Karma, wtf did I do to you? Did I hit your dog? Swipe left? What?

I have failed to graduate college twice, once because someone died, second because I got hit by a truck and couldn’t walk for a year. I can’t physically work as a jeweler because I was born defective and needed brain surgery and still need spine surgery, so there went $12k I obviously didn’t need for school and an apprenticeship. And now a hurricane busts my online business. Am I just born lucky?

I’m almost afraid to ask what’s next. I hear there’ll be a world shortage of chocolate soon because of global warming. Let’s at least try to keep that from happening.

Happy February, everyone! 🌸

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