Florida Supercon 2018

We got back in yesterday from spending Thursday and Friday and Supercon. It was really fun, and a truly unique experience. I took so many pictures, and walked to the point where I’m still recovering two days later. We saw some amazing costumes and met some really great artists. It was pretty gratifying seeing so many geeks in one place- especially in Florida!

Of course no major even with any self respect makes it’s way to Miami directly, so we had to drive almost two hours to Fort Lauderdale and we stayed at a Holiday Inn for a couple of nights. It was close enough to walk to the convention center, but 90+F heat and god awful humidity made the trek a miserable one. Thank you for the invention of modern AC. All in all my watch clocked me at ten miles for two days of constant walking, so if anything I can at least boat about that!

The venue was beautiful, the vendors were varied and awesome, the cosplay was gorgeous, and most everyone I met and spoke to were all so nice and friendly. I met a professional cosplayer I actually follow on IG. Her name is Stella Chuu. I was really nervous, but she is so great. We bought some of her stuff (support geeks!) and she let me take a photo of her. Look her up, her stuff is beautiful!

The atmosphere in general was really great. It’s not my first con, but it is one of the larger ones I’ve attended. In the end I bought too much stuff, walked my legs into stumps, ate too little, and actually met someone who recognized me from my Borders days. It’s been 8 years, but I still get people telling me I look familiar. Ever shopped at Borders? Yeah, that was me!

Here are some of the cosplays I photographed. I’m putting the whole thing on my website later today!

Yes there was a con cat, and it was super chill. Yes it’s real. Con cat mom was super chill too!

And even better than the cosplay were the ARTISTS. Guys, I can’t tell you how much I loved meeting and talking to all the vendors and artists at Supercon. I wish I’d had enough money to buy from each and every one of them! I’m going to be putting photos of their booths up on my website with their info, but here’s a couple of photos:

We didn’t get any autographs or anything this time around. Not enough money for that. But I’m sure at the next con we will! My sister in law was pretty mad though, because she had to work and all the voice actors for Overwatch are at the con!

We weren’t able to get weekend tickets, but that’s ok. Thursday was nice because there weren’t a lot of people and everyone was still setting up. And besides, it’s going to take us a while to recover anyway. I’d rather take the weekend to do that!

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