Question 7

Today’s question is:

On what occasion do you lie?

As much as I’d love to say I’m an honest and transparent person, I will admit to having lied in my life. Anyone who knows me would laugh in my face if I said otherwise. Some lies were worse than others, and some lies were not mine to confess.

Some lies were harmless and others hurt myself and others.

But I was young and I learned my lessons when it came to truthfulness and trust. But I still lie. I can’t avoid it.

There are times when I will lie about having done a chore or made a phone call because I hurt too much, or I was too nervous to speak to someone on the phone. I’ll lie and say I feel fine when my spine and eyes are screaming. I’ll lie to my husband and tell him it’s ok that he forgot I needed help with the dishes after I spent an hour cooking and cleaning and my arms want to fall off. I’ll lie to my parents and tell them that no, I don’t have any mental or emotional issues with the abuse and neglect they put me through that resulted with me living out of my car for two years while working two jobs. I’ll lie to myself and convince myself that I don’t need to see my therapist this month, I’ve been feeling great.

But we all lie like that, don’t we? Sometimes it’s the only way we can get through life.

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