Chile 2018: Aftermath

We got back in on Saturday morning from out ten day trip to Chile.


I wasn’t stressed at all the whole time we were there. My husband’s family is amazing as well. Even when we got sick in the last few days of our trip, they took care of us and treated us so well. I honestly never felt so comfortable in my life.

My Spanglish mix of Cuban Spanish actually worked pretty well over there. I never really had to explain myself, and people were very friendly and understanding when my poor Spanish failed me in conversation.

We stayed mainly in Quilpué, and travelled around a bit. I did my best to take as many photos as possible until I got too sick to leave the house. It was actually pretty cold, as its winter in Chile right now, since the seasons are opposite down there. We definitely did not pack as warmly as we should have! Our colds were probably our own fault. Lesson learned, cold is unpleasant! Especially when you want to take a shower 😅

Two days in we went to the mountains, and the altitude almost killed me. I tried very hard to go up the trail to the top of the mountain, but I could barely breathe, and moving was making me pretty sick.

I didn’t really get to the snow, which made me a little sad. But my husband had threatened me with a snowball, so maybe it wasn’t so bad.

I did try to take as many photos as I could before I got too sick to leave the bed. You can really see the way infrastructure has changed over time. Houses made by unskilled labor are slowly being replaced by small, large family homes on small plots of land. Several people who have been able to acquire larger house have either separated parts of them to rent out, or even blocked off half the house to rent a ‘whole’ house to a larger family.

Almost every yard has a dog, or several. In fact they roam the neighborhoods and are communally taken care of by the community, as are the cats. Compared to American standards, it actually made me pretty sad to see so many stray animals. Especially out in the cold. It seems to be a common practice among all of the Hispanic countries/communities that I’ve had the privilege to visit when I’ve been able to travel, and it’s definitely one of my least liked things, ever.

My favorite part of the trip was when we went to Viña del Mar. Lots of colorful boats, urban art, and beautiful landscapes. I’m still processing the photos from my camera, but I have this to show you now.

Sea lions!!!

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