2020 Update: November 11

The last couple of weeks haven’t been great.

We live in a building that was built in the sixties. When we initially moved in we had so many problems- bee invasion TWICE (there was a colony in the roof and in our backyard wall), flooding that destroyed a lot of our belongings because of cracks in the foundation and the Florida rainy season, a broken AC that needed to be fixed three times (the handyman is awful), a broken oven we had to personally replace, and a broken fridge we also had to personally replace.

And even though all of these things happened here, we still don’t want to leave because it’s convenient and it’s an amazing price for the space. I’m fine to deal with some hassle as long as we can work around it. This is Miami. The average rent here in $1200 for a studio apartment, and we pay less for a one bedroom, six minutes away from my husband’s job. I’m grateful to live here, even if it’s annoying and requires work.

For the past couple of weeks we have had no hot water because there is something wrong with our water heater. This makes bathing difficult, as you can imagine. After that broke the AC, which has had to be fixed already, started leaking water for no apparent reason and now run cold no matter what. Getting our landlord to fix these things has been difficult because he has been stuck in Panama since lockdown for the pandemic started and we have to rely on the really shifty people he relies on to come and fix things. Which is why we replaced the fridge and stove ourselves. But we can’t replaced a whole ass water heater, or an indoor AC unit. Also, we won’t because that’s crazy. We were ready to stick it out and invest in some dry shampoo and baby wipes until he got his ass in gear.

But as with all things happening in 2020, it just had to reach a point of no return. Last Sunday a tropical storm hit. I should have known that day was a turning point, because we went early to the Aldi to get some groceries and ingredients for a couple of food videos. Within minutes of us walking into the store, while we were still a few feet from the entrance, the place was robbed. We witnessed the whole thing.

Photo I took of the cop that showed up after the store was robbed.

Cue the worst panic attack of my life.

Thankfully no one was hurt, and it looked like they found they guy rather quickly after he ran off. But the storm had set in by the time we left the store, and Florida gave us our first shower in a week and a half before we got in the car.

Then we got the surprise of walking into our home, and finding it flooded. Again. After they poured cement outside and swore it wouldn’t happen again.

The flooding in our backyard.

Cue the second panic attack, while I pulled out every towel we owned to wipe up the water and attempt to shore up the walls.

The flooding had spread to more rooms in the house and upon further inspection we realized water had gotten into the walls. I was filming myself pressing on one of the wet areas to send to the landlord when my hand just went through the wall itself.

At this point this is when our landlord realized he effed up big time. Relying on cheap labor that never shows up, and then when they do half asses their job, put us in a dangerous living situation. The major concern here is that, with the now humid environment my home has become, I am at a higher risk of developing pneumonia. And with my health problems, if I did get it, I would need to be hospitalized. In a state where corona virus infections are rampant. I almost died from my last bought of pneumonia, and that is not an experience I ever wish to repeat.

But, of course, because nothing can ever be convenient for us, our landlord has decided the best course of action is for us to completely vacate the space, move out all our belongings, and go somewhere else, so that he can fix all the damage to the apartment and replace all the damaged utilities. He does not offer us any help in finding where to go, and expects us out in a few days. With rent paid. He then expects us to come back and sign a new contract with him (this was our last month).

I spent all of yesterday doing as much laundry as I possibly could, though I have nothing to pack it in. We ordered four large plastic bins, and hopefully we can pack up the most important things in there.

But my plans for holiday stock for my business are shot. And I just started the campaign on social media last week. I have no idea what’s going to happen with my videos either. I have a few partially assembled and can work on those for a while. But if we end up with nowhere to go, I can’t keep working.

Everything is so uncertain right now. And I’m really worried about my cats. Why did this have to happen in the middle of a global pandemic? I’m good with stressful situations, and dealing with stuff. I try to tackle it first because I’d rather have the panic attack after I’m comfortable enough to cry, not before so I tore myself out and feel extra miserable before I have to deal with it.

But at this point I’m truly stumped. I’m hoping that today brings about more details that help change the situation. Because I woke up with a migraine and I am not dealing with petty crap today.

If anyone would like to help us out, please feel free to donate to my Patreon. I also have a Redbubble you can buy my art from. And if you’d like some handmade soaps or gifts, here’s my shop.

This year needs to end soon. I swear we’ve been stuck in it for three centuries.

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