How to make: Elder Scrolls Double-Baked Potatoes

This video is a little different. It’s video footage I was able to salvage from the flooding that forced us to leave our apartment. With this one, I’ve also been able to find two other recipes I made from the Elder Scrolls cookbook and I’m hoping I can persuade the data to give me enough footage to make videos out of them. Especially considering one of them was a massively physical project I had to gear myself up for, and it left me in bed for two after.

So to our double-baked potatoes! These are actually one of my favorites so far. They’re creamy, filling, comforting, and very satisfying. The recipe is simple enough, and you can cut the cooking time in half by just microwaving the potatoes first instead of putting them in the oven for an hour to first bake them.

As someone who is physically disabled, the microwave is usually my secret weapon to help make cooking time shorter, and easier on my body. I usually cook a potato in the microwave after stabbing it a few times with a fork for 6 minutes each. You may need more time for larger potatoes or depending on your microwave if you want to go this route.

Another tip I’d like to add, is make sure the potatoes are cool enough to touch when you start scooping out the insides, but still warm enough that the butter will incorporate easily. If you have cooking gloves, that could help with protecting you from the heat.

I also am not sure what a baking potato is. I had Idaho potatoes on hand. That’s what I used, and they worked great. If that’s a baking potato, then I’m glad for my dumb luck!

You will need:

Ingredients for Double-Baked Potatoes pg 53
Cooking instructions for Double-Baked Potatoes pg 53

Please let me know if you try the recipe out. I’d love to know what you think and how it turned out.

If you want to buy a copy of, The Elder Scrolls: the Official Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, I will put a link to a copy on Amazon below. But used and the library are also great options!

The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

And if you want to see me making it, here’s my video! See you guys next time!

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