About Me

I have no idea what it’s like to live a normal, average life. When I was five, I became one of the most famous kidnapping cases in Florida, in the 80s. Raised on what was referred to as a ‘permanent vacation,’ I traveled with my grandparents through most of the contiguous United States, living out of a camper with a stolen identity.

Later as an adult, after a horrible car accident, I was diagnosed with a congenital brain condition called Chiari Malformation. I endured decompression surgery for it in an effort to save my life. Now I deal with my injuries from the accident, and the results of my chronic genetic condition, on a daily basis.

Through all this I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and education on an array of artistic, scientific, and DIY skills my therapist likes to refer to as ‘coping mechanisms.’ They have helped me deal with my anxiety and depression in healthy, constructive ways, and I am always learning more.

I love movies, manga, anime, and video games. I make pies at Christmas, and take too many pictures of my cats. I have been in therapy since I was four. I believe that books are one of the reasons I am still alive.

Content warning. I will be openly talking about medical and mental health, childhood abuse, trauma, and the all around craziness that has been my life. I will not sugar coat my words. I will not blur my experiences to make others comfortable. I suppose in a way, this is me making a line in the sand. Doing what is right for me, not what is comfortable for others. If this sounds like it will disturb you, then this blog is not for you.


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