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Patreon is where you are going to find updates on the progress of my major art and gaming projects, as well as have the opportunity to give your opinions on them and help me mold some projects with your own views! This is a great way to be a part of my constant growth as a creator, and I will always give credit to those who have supported me!

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I only have one tier, at $1 a month. This gives you access to everything, and you will be included in all polls, giveaways, gifts, surveys, posts, updates, EVERYTHING. I know the struggle is real, and that we usually feel bad we can’t help each other. So if you can spare a dollar to help support what I do, then you get as much appreciation as anyone who gives more. And if you would like to give more, you are able to change it to however much you like. Any and all subscriptions are welcome, and very much appreciated.