Question 8

Since I am following a set list of questions from a writing journal, I will answer each question as truthfully as I can. I don't blame anyone for not taking a crack at this, and any of the more personal, ones. Today's question is: What do you most dislike about your appearance? I recently noticed [...]

Question 6

What do you consider the most overrated virtue? This took me a while to mull over. As a geek, the tropes and tribulations of heroes and their virtues have always made for good stories. But what exactly IS a virtue? I googled it and stared at the descriptions. Petunia Dursley, is that you? Perhaps too [...]

Florida Supercon 2018

We got back in yesterday from spending Thursday and Friday and Supercon. It was really fun, and a truly unique experience. I took so many pictures, and walked to the point where I'm still recovering two days later. We saw some amazing costumes and met some really great artists. It was pretty gratifying seeing so [...]